It has been over 15 years now since Magical Egypt first premiered, and what a splash it made! Some have called it “genre defining", others "paradigm shifting", and even some have claimed it to be "consciousness expanding".


The truth is however that while Magical Egypt contained evidence to support ideas that we had always suspected, it ultimately raised more questions that it answered, leaving the ultimate riddle of Ancient Egypt still unsolved.

In Magical Egypt 2 we hope to rectify this. We believe we have found the key.

You see in the distant past, mysterious ancient cultures in addition to Ancient Egypt, who represent man at his proudest moment understood the importance of augmenting the experience of the material world, even for just a moment with that which lies just beyond. More than that they took extreme effort and special care to communicate a timeless record of the process that could bring about a higher state of consciousness that was attainable by all who understood how.

But until now this message has been shrouded in symbolism, distorted by interpretation, and suppressed by the powers that be.

After 15 years of research we believe we have solved the riddle, and it is this that will be covered in Magical Egypt 2: the esoteric and occult knowledge the Ancients had sought to transmit long ago!



The Magical Egypt Team