Magical Egypt- The Original Series

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Magical Egypt - Special "Self Starter" Pricing

The Magical Egypt Series has never been more affordable!

Magical Egypt is a mind-bending exploration of ancient mysteries,
Hermetic and magical practice and timeless technologies for accessing
higher and rarer states of consciousness.

The original run of M.E., released in late 1999, quickly became a global
cult classic, with massive DVD sales worldwide, followed by a second
life on the web, where it has racked up hundreds of millions of views to
date. It has not only sparked widespread controversy and debate
wherever it has appeared, but has served as a catalyst to "awaken"
millions to the mysteries of consciousness and to the timeless ancient
esoteric technologies that are tightly suppressed by mainstream media.

Created and produced by renowned visual artist Chance Gardner, and
starring the legendary "Rogue Egyptologist" academy award-winning
researcher and symbolist author John Anthony West, the show is unlike
anything else in the genre, featuring stunning, psychoactive visuals and
a wry intellectual narrative style that give the show it's haunting,
resonant and highly engaging quality. It has been described as "equal
parts detective novel, LSD trip, and practical guide to the ancient
hermetic / esoteric arts", and to this day continues to be the subject
of worldwide study groups and widespread debate in the philosophical,
esoteric, magical and psychedelic communities.

Due to a massive and ever increasing public demand, the creators of the
show are pleased to announce an Self Starter campaign to fund the production of a new run of episodes. Persistent media coverage and high-profile endorsements of the show, including the recent enthusiastic reviews given by tv/web personality Joe Rogan, have turned on a new generation to the series.

Not only as as an audience, but also spawning a new
generation of researchers, esoteric practitioners and explorers of the
timeless mysteries of higher and rarer states of consciousness.


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